Friday, September 25, 2009


Some of you have had questions as to how to purchase from us. We are currently working on a website, but until then we ask you to be patient. There are still 2 ways of ordering. The first is by clicking on the icon on the right side bar which will take you directly to our etsy shop. The second is by sending us an email at telling us what you would like to order. We'll get back to you and tell you the next step.

Let us know if there is anything different you'd like to see here!

The Emma {$22}

Beaded leaves attached to a thin black elastic. Available in bronze.

The Jada {$24}

Thick crocheted band with triple crocheted flower attached. Available in any color/combination and with or without rhinestone center. Please specify.

Eve {$22} and Eve clip {$6}

Beaded steel blue and black trim attached to a single black elastic or clip.

Sosie Clip ($9)

Crocheted single flower clip. Solid colors or split colors available in any color/combination. Please specify.

Leah Band {$12}

Knit flower attached to decorative elastic. Flowers available in violet, turquoise, white, black, and grey. Bands available in purple, olive, and black. Please specify color and combination.

The Audrey {$22}

Gold beaded trim attached to thin black elastic.

The Jayne {$20}

Double crocheted flower attached to a medium crocheted band. Available in any color/combination.

Mae {$22} and Mae clip {$6}

Yellow beaded and embellished flower trim attached to a thin elastic band or clip.

The Sosie {$12}

A thin crocheted headband accented by a small crocheted flower. Available in any/color and combination (please specify). One of our favorite classics.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Whaattt? An open house?

This thursday, september 10 we are having

an openhousefrom 8-10 pm

at Lanai apt #J2 (871 east 620 north in Provo).

We'll have everything shown

here on our blog and more.

Email us with any questions.

Parking is available on the street

surrounding the complex.